Restaurant Skab
7 Rue de la République,
30000 Nîmes

Opening Hours
Open Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch & Dinner

04 66 21 94 30

Our Menus

Business menu

Duck leg raviole with girolle mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms foam

Dishes of your choice
Guinea fowl supreme stuffed with shiitake mushrooms.
Chestnut with whisky cream
Salsify with juice and gnocchi
Meat juice

Sar fish cooked on skin. Broccoli and ginger cream
Multi-coloured carrots. Sar fish and oyster tartar on a carrot tempura
Lemon butter sauce

Cheese Platter


Revisited “Ile flottante” on a clementine custard,
Citruses pieces madeleine cake with lemon zest
Mandarin sorbet

 Starter & Dish or Dish and dessert – 40 €
Starter, Dish, Dessert – 45 €
Starter, Dish, Dessert & Cheese – 50 € 

Lunch only from Tuesday to Saturday,
Not available on bank holidays

Menu Plaisir

Bouchées Apéritives
Amuse Bouche
On a creamy butternut, confit wild salmon cubes with olive oil. Heritage vegetables. Wrapped green cabbage with mashed butternut and confit salmon
Paimpolbeans soup with truffle, confit pig breast.
Grated autumnal truffle.

Roasted monkfish medallion with semi-salted butter.
Autumnal rolls with shellfish and fregola sarda pasta.
Colourful carrots, carrots foam.
Watercress sauce.

Veal rump stuffed with chestnut pieces and seasonal mushrooms.
Crispy fingers with confit veal neck and Jerusalem artichoke.
Seasonal vegetables and gnocchi.
Brown butter veal juice

Cheese Platter from Mr Vergne
& goat cheese from Mr Rio
Pré Dessert
Choice of Dessert from “A la Carte”

In 6 services – 78 €
With 3 glasses of wine – 119 €

Menu Dégustation

Bouchées Apéritives
Scallop in two ways: snacked and in tartar like vegetal cannelloni.
Cauliflower puree with grilled almonds pieces.
Touches of Perle Noir caviar.
Lemon whipped cream

Pike and haddock quenelle with a melting spinach heart.
Stir-fried seasonal mushrooms. Breaded quail eggs.
Foamy girolle mushroom sauce.

Roasted turbot fillet.
Swiss chard with butter.
Crispy barbajuan with chard risotto and mascarpone
Tumeric butter sauce

Pause fraîcheur
Deer tournedos with foie-gras.
Braised endive with honey.
Crispy quince chutney Walnuts kernel.
Grand veneur sauce.

Cheese Platter from Mr Vergne
& goat cheese from Mr Rio
Pré Dessert
Choice of Dessert from “A la Carte”

In 8 services – 110 €
With 4 glasses of wine – 165 €

Menu Inspiration

The Chef propose a 10 courses menu,
created from the A la Carte and his inspiration !
This menu will be served to the whole table,
it is served for lunch until 12h45 and for dinner until 20h45


10 courses at – 135 €
With 5 glasses of wine – 200 €

Menu Kids

Children menu under 12 years old
Two formulas to choose according to their appetite
2-course meal at 23 €
3-course meal at 30 €