Restaurant Skab
7 Rue de la République,
30000 Nîmes

Opening Hours
Open Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch & Dinner

04 66 21 94 30


Our Starters

  • Foie-gras
    Semi-cooked foie gras, multi-coloured carrots deglazed with citruses.
    Carrot, foie gras and sesame tempura. Carrot/cumin sorbet.
    39 €
  • Tomato/Tuna
    Tomatoes from « Les Cailloux » in different ways.
    Tuna in two ways: lemongrass/ginger tartar and tataki rolled with yellow tomato jelly.
    39 €
  • Lobster
    Roasted lobster medallion. Stuffed courgette flower and tarragon.
    Courgette cannelloni with lobster pieces. Lobster sauce.
    44 €
  • Oysters
    Warm oysters lasagne style, cauliflower puree, carrot and turnip spheres.
    Creamy oyster sauce with caviar.
    40 €

Main Courses

  • Beef
    Revisited wellington Aubrac beef fillet. Celeriac cream with truffle.
    Summery vegetables. Beef juice with truffle sparkles.
    56 €
  • Meagre
    Poached meagre bream. Fregola sarda pasta and summer vegetables. Fennel foam.
    50 €
  • Seabass
    Seabass in two ways: Steamed and tartare in a leek cannelloni.
    Creamy lettuce with Sherry, caper leaf. Condiment butter sauce
    51 €
  • Poultry
    Poultry in 3 ways: slow-cooked supreme, confit leg and stuffed neck with almonds pieces.
    Cream of parsley, potato gnocchi with Madras curry.
    Poultry juice with brown butter.
    50 €
  • Pigeon
    Pigeon roasted on the breast and confit leg. Sliced and creamed sweet potato, braised endive.
    Pigeon juice with honey and “Voatsiperifery” pepper.
    56 €

Our desserts

  • Cheese Platter
    From Monsieur Vergne and goat cheese from Mr Rio .
    20 €
  • Peach
    Poached peach with verbena on a shortbread ring,
    smooth spheres, Genoa bread, peach soup with olive oil,
    verbena sorbet.
    24 €
  • Apricot
    Poached apricot with lavender
    Sliced clafoutis caramelized, cheesecake foam, florentin tile.
    Lavender sorbet.
    24 €
  • Chocolate
    Between two sheets of Manjari, cacao biscuit. Creamy chocolate and cacao whipped cream.
    Chocolate/hazelnut croquette. Cacao sorbet.
    24 €
  • Soufflé Skab Signature
    Lemon in 3 ways : Soufflé, sorbet and in revisited lemon tart.
    24 €