Restaurant Skab
7 Rue de la République,
30000 Nîmes

Opening Hours
Open Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch & Dinner

04 66 21 94 30


Our Starters

  • John Dory
    Slow-cooked John Dory fillet with passion fruit and olive oil. Mango, papaya and steamed endive
    Exotic fruits cannelloni. Mango, papaya and sichuan pepper ice cream
    44 €
  • Scallop
    Butter roasted scallop. Creamy parnship and heritage vegetables. Pebble with a melty parsley heart.
    Quince tempura. Scallop juice with cream and white wine “Saint-Cécile”, l’Ermite d’Auzan.
    48 €
  • Butternut/Chicken
    Butternut squash in three ways: foam in a crispy tile, creamy, and in cube.
    Chicken oyster and roasted wings with lemon zests. Crispy sticks and Granny Smith apple in jelly.
    43 €
  • Oysters
    Warm oysters lasagne style, cauliflower puree, carrot and turnip spheres.
    Creamy oyster sauce with caviar.
    46 €

Main Courses

  • Seabass
    Steamed seabass. Leek in various ways.
    Creamy spinach. Lemon butter sauce.
    57 €
  • Deer
    Deer tournedos with foie gras. Opened raviole with celery, creamy polenta and smooth onions.
    Grand veneur sauce. Crispy red cabbage salad with sesame and deer tartar.
    59 €
  • Stew
    Hare two ways: fillet like a terrine, stewed confit Leg. Autumn vegetables and mushrooms. Stew sauce.
    62 €
  • Duckling
    Duckling supreme coated with maple syrup then roasted.
    Confit legs with beetroot. Colourful beetroots seasoned with pepper.
    Maple syrup/pepper duck juice.
    55 €
  • Monkfish
    Slow cooked monkfish breaded with hazelnut.
    Onions and salsify in butter, potatoes gnocchi with hazelnut flakes. Xeres ivory sauce.
    54 €

Our desserts

  • Cheese Platter
    From Monsieur Vergne and goat cheese from Mr Rio .
    20 €
  • Pineapple
    Poached “Sugarloaf” pineapple slices and “Victoria” pineapple cubes with Timut pepper,
    crispy cannelloni with coconut foam,
    passion fruit ice cream
    26 €
  • Mandarin
    Confit mandarin medallion, Darjeeling black tea foam with a smooth and rich clementine center,
    crème brûlée zest scented and mandarin sorbet.
    26 €
  • Chocolate
    Between two sheets of Manjari, cacao biscuit. Creamy chocolate and cacao whipped cream.
    Chocolate/hazelnut croquette. Cacao sorbet.
    26 €
  • Soufflé Skab Signature
    Lemon in 3 ways : Soufflé, sorbet and in revisited lemon tart.
    26 €