Restaurant Skab
7 Rue de la République,
30000 Nîmes

Opening Hours
Open Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch & Dinner

04 66 21 94 30


Our Starters

  • Haddock
    Haddock in three ways: creamy flakes and in brandade breaded with spinach. Fondant potatoes, colourful carrots and shimeji mushrooms with olive oil.
    45 €
  • Scallop
    Scallop carpaccio with black truffle. Foie gras cubes. Truffle Chantilly. Spirulina panacotta
    51 €
  • Agria Potato
    Agria potato slice, black truffle potato foam and chopped black truffle.
    45 €
  • Blue Lobster
    Blue lobster medaillion with semi-salted butter. Black and white tortellini with butternut and lobster sparkles. Vegetable bouillon raised with olive oil and lime.
    51 €

Main Courses

  • Sole
    Steamed sole stuffed with cabbages. Thick cauliflower slice cooked “al dente” with Camargue salt. Ivory caviar sauce.
    57 €
  • Guinea Fowl
    Slow cooked guinea fowl supreme et confit leg with chestnut/hazelnut. Creamy chestnut with whisky and heritage vegetables. Guinea fowl butter sauce
    55 €
  • Aubrac Beef
    Aubrac beef. Truffled fillet. Chuck in small pot-au-feu. Marbled vegetable cake. Truffle scented beef juice.
    62 €
  • Veal
    Roasted rack of veal. Calf sweetbread with citruses. Honey/pepper endive. Crispy turnip finger. Veal juice with honey, citruses peels and Timut pepper
    57 €
  • John-Dory
    Butter roasted John-Dory. Stuffed conchiglioni with leak and truffle. Steamed mini leak. Truffle butter
    54 €

Our desserts

  • Cheese Platter
    From Monsieur Vergne and goat cheese from Mr Rio .
    22 €
  • Pineapple
    Confit « Sugarloaf » pineapple at low temperature, melting caramel heart. Crispy shortbread, sugar sphere with coconuts foam. Coconut/ginger sorbet.
    26 €
  • Mandarin/Chesnut
    Melting chestnut slice with guanaja chocolate, mandarin medallion zest-scented, pieces of French meringue, confit chestnut sparkles, mandarin sorbet
    26 €
  • Chocolate
    In a guanaja chocolate tube, dark chocolate foam topped with salted caramel, cocoa sorbet with crumble sparkles.
    26 €
  • Soufflé Skab Signature
    Madagascar vanilla soufflé. Ivory, vanilla like an opera cake. Madagascar vanilla sorbet.
    26 €