Restaurant Skab
7 Rue de la République,
30000 Nîmes

Opening Hours
Open Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch & Dinner

04 66 21 94 30


Our Starters

  • Saint-Jacques
    Scallop two ways: seared and tartare like a vegetal cannelloni.
    Cauliflower puree with grilled almonds pieces.
    Touches of Perle Noir caviar.
    Lemon whipped cream
    45 €
  • Pike and haddock quenelle
    Pike and haddock quenelle with a melting spinach heart.
    Stir-fried seasonal mushrooms.
    Breaded quail eggs.
    Foamy girolle mushroom sauce
    38 €
  • Butternut
    On a creamy butternut, confit wild salmon cubes with olive oil.
    Heritage vegetables.
    Wrapped green cabbage with mashed butternut and confit salmon
    36 €
  • Paimpol beans soup
    Paimpol beans soup with truffle,
    confit pig breast.
    Grated autumnal truffle
    36 €

Main Courses

  • Monkfish
    Roasted monkfish medallion with semi-salted butter.
    Autumnal rolls with shellfishand fregola sarda pasta.
    Colourful carrots, carrots foam.
    Watercress sauce
    47 €
  • The turbot
    Roasted turbot fillet.
    Swiss chard with butter.
    Crispy barbajuan with chard risotto and mascarpone.
    Tumeric butter sauce
    53 €
  • The Veal
    Veal rump stuffed with chestnut pieces and seasonal mushrooms.
    Crispy fingers with confit veal neck and Jerusalem artichoke.
    Seasonal vegetables and gnocchi.
    Brown butter veal
    48 €
  • Deer tournedos
    Deer tournedos with foie-gras.
    Braised endive with honey.
    Crispy quince chutneyWalnuts kernel.
    Grand veneur sauce.
    54 €
  • the Hare
    Hare from Beauce in two ways the saddles in Carême way,
    The leg stewed in senator Couteaux way.
    Seasonnal Vegetables and gnocchi.
    Stew sauce
    58 €

Our desserts

  • Cheese Platter
    From Monsieur Vergne and goat cheese from Mr Rio .
    20 €
  • The Mandarin
    Confit mandarin medallion,
    Darjeeling black tea foam with a smooth and rich clementine center,
    crème brûlée zest scented and mandarin sorbet.
    23 €
  • Pineapple
    Confit « Sugarloaf » pineapple at low temperature, melting caramel heart.
    Crispy shortbread, sugar sphere with coconuts foam.
    Coconut/ginger sorbet
    23 €
  • Chocolate
    On a feuilletine biscuit, creamy chocolate and Manjari ganache.
    Chocolate cannelloni. Cacao sorbet with crumble pieces
    23 €
  • The breath
    Soufflé with Williams pear brandy and confit pear.
    Chestnut Spongecake, poached pear ball.
    Ice cream with piecesof confit chesnut.
    23 €