Restaurant Skab
7 Rue de la République,
30000 Nîmes

Open From Tuesday Evening to Saturday
Lunch : 12h00 to 13h15
Dinner : 19h30 to 21h00

04 66 21 94 30


Our Starters

  • Squid
    Pan cooked squid with Cevennes chili pepper. Peas foam and colourful carrots. Fennel and foamy sauce.
    49 €
  • Tomato
    Colourful tomatoes with “fleur de sel” from Camargue region. Marinated sardine on a crispy focaccia. “Rose de Berne” tomato and basil sorbet.
    45 €
  • Courgette
    Courgette in various ways: foam raised with olive oil in a courgette flower. Mashed courgette in tempura. Creamy and natural courgette.
    40 €

Main Courses

  • Fish of the day
    Wild fish cooked on the skin. Between two bicolour lasagne leaves: cauliflower, confit pepper, and pan cooked artichoke. Oyster sauce. Caviar.
    59 €
  • Tuna
    Pan fried red tuna. Crispy tube with creamy aubergine and coriander. Teriyaki butter sauce.
    60 €
  • Bull
    Roasted bull tournedos. Red rice seasoned with cabbage, broccoli and confit lemon. Gardiane sauce. Bull tartare with oyster shards.
    61 €
  • Pigeon
    Pigeon roasted on the breast. Confit turnip, creamy spinach and citruses shards. Pigeon juice with citruses/honey/timut.
    60 €

Our desserts

  • Cheese Platter
    From Monsieur Vergne and goat cheese from Mr Rio .
    22 €
  • Apricot
    Poached apricots medallions with honey, stuffed bugne cake with confit apricot, rosemary granita.
    26 €
  • Chocolate
    Chocolate in different textures: smooth Manjari biscuit, melty Guanaja heart, cacao shortbread. Cacao sorbet with dark chocolate sparkles.
    26 €
  • Soufflé Skab Signature
    Madagascar vanilla soufflé. Ivory, vanilla like an opera cake. Madagascar vanilla sorbet.
    26 €